Mirror Image: The Prelude EP

by Cayoz

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Prelude to "Beyond The Moniker" featuring Don Streat (Of Animal Pak), Dialect (Of D2A), Jamon ( Of Da Block), Lil $am, D.G. & Ensilence.

All Tracks Prod. By Cayoz


released June 2, 2014



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.
Track Name: Retrospect (Feat. Ensilence)
Verse 1 (Cayoz):

Yo I often wonder just how it would've been.
If my life had went the opposite course of which it did.
Like if I was less fortunate as a kid.
& Trapped in the system cause my parents were doing bids.
Think about it yeah it sounds pretty wild.
But prolly would've been the case for a latchkey child.
Tryna greet ever situation with a big smile.
Only just to become societies exile.
Imagine me with only bad things around me.
Running from the law frantic with my heart pounding.
State offender just too risky for the county.
Only trying to survive like my head had a bounty.
Where would I be if I couldnt rhyme a lick.
No props here so people never saying Im sick.
But Id prolly be somewere lying in a ditch
hypothetically in other words im saying what if.


My mind is vast (Vast) trudging through the debts.
Reflecting on my past recollecting all my steps.
(But im just) thinking in retrospect.
(Yes Im) thinking in retrospect.
Used to wonder if im cursed or im blessed.
Guess its safe to say that its anybodies guess.
(But im just) thinking in retrospect.
(Yes Im) thinking in retrospect.

Verse 2 (Ensilence):

What if I caught that bullet in my windpipe
in vegetative state, never could I twist mics
or if my sight wasn't clear
only way to get rich is moving them packs out the Ler
or so wrapped up in my fears
that I could never leave the house and
addicted to Paxil that I got from counseling
or bouncing between the streets now homeless
or waking up soulless
with lies on my tongue and politics on my shoulders
or praying mercy with the preacher
laying with him cause the the only way I'll get freedom
or increasing the drinking cause the pains anew
not thinking my situation through
withdrew from the loud voices
cause I'm not proud of my unsound choices
and I couldn't voice this...like how I am now
on the front-lines but really just a man down

Hook: (X2)