Off Hiatus EP

by Cayoz

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Cayoz comes off a nearly 1 year hiatus to release a 8 song EP. Completely self-produced, with the exception of one bonus track. Features include long time collaborator & STILL FRESH counterpart CTK. As well as Strategy from The UnImpressed, Maliki, Franchise, Lil $am & D.G.


released April 20, 2012


Cayoz (Tracks #1-7)
Needlz (Track #8)

Guest Vocals:

CTK, Strategy, Maliki, Lil $am, Franchise & D.G.



Track Name: Off Hiatus (Intro)

Its bout time for that re-introduction, ima do it with a rhyme.
Back from my hiatus, to a music filled grind.
Kept writing, but i'm just a little rusty on the mic.
Still cant see me though nickname Invisalign.
Trying to doubt things written in my diction.
All you simply gotta do fam is take a little listen.
Took a detour now i'm back just to get it.
Fell behind a little so its time for me to close the distance.
I Stepped to the plate at age 15.
Clearly thinking in my mind things were so pristine.
Cause as a teen, I was a fiend, for seeking out big dreams.
Until I realized that things were never quite what they seem.
So I had to raise up yup & alter things majorly.
Back to the drawing board & testing free agency.
Then soon enough through my eyes it was plain to see.
Found myself again only after searching A to Z.
Check it, so now i'm back with a vengeance.
To capture the essence & bring the past here to the present.
On the mic a blessing, definition of fresh kid.
Nodding your head but I don't really think you get the message.
Known to be a cat with mad versatility
That match words up skillfully, Damn nerds be killing me.
Always going in, just to make sure you feel the heat.
Cause like the homey told me, ain't no telling where my ceiling be.
Track Name: That's When We (Feat. D.G. & CTK)
Verse1 (D.G.):


(First we scheme on em) then you step back
Thought it was a game now we askin where you at
(Then we scream on em) while we dressed in all black
& we see your true colors you aint built like that
Thats when we hit em with the (ohh ohh oh oh oh oh ohh)(X2)
I heard you talking loud.
But you aint talkin now.
You wanna talk it out.
No problem lil homie click click blaow!

Verse 2 (Cayoz):

Yeah who really got the gull to go toe to toe.
Lure you in then knock you clean out like a rope a dope.
Never striking with a blow though that leaves a broken nose.
More so lyrical skills bro to leave you comatose.
Im that dude who be speakin them golden quotes.
Thats the clear cut reason that your chick wanna hold me close.
Yall know me in the city & also from coast to coast.
International too so you better be stroking notes.
D..G. what it is big homie?
Is it me or do these clowns be acting a bit phony?
Sayin they igniting the 5th then kid show me.
For we put your lights out leave your stomach & ribs holy.
Who else you rock a flow so sweet?
Make masterpieces outta songs on his own cold beats.
& nah we aint a group just solo emcees.
With me & homie on it though we fo sho gon eat.

Verse 3 (CTK):
Track Name: RAW (Feat. Strategy)
Verse 1 (Strategy):

Hook: (X2)

How many times I gotta say im still fresh
Hooked up with the homie from the clan UnImpressed.
Wanna battle get slumped with the rest.
Spit it R.A.W. expect nothing less.
(X2) Raw raps...Raw bars...Raw beats homie we go hard.

Verse 2 (Cayoz):

Yo when I get right son, im making any time my own.
Just so nice when im spinning rhymes like a cyc-a-lone.
Breathing life into any mic, I show these guys the ropes.
Cause they spitting recycled rhymes, like they style's pre-owned.
Ive let shown, I eat foes, like sweet rolls.
So please know yo, Im not easy to dethrone bro.
& yeah im so dope while you just so so.
Im speeding past while you still moving in slow mo.
You tryna dance with the champ, then lemme know though.
I Bet ill make you scram lil man, yeah thats a no no.
You throwing shots acting so bold...
Till i show you throwing at the wrong damn target tony romo.
Flows is so gonzo, when I go bonkers.
With a eastcoast style like im representing yonkers.
So keep barking if you wanna be a goner.
Cause it really aint no thing for me to gladly do the honor.

Verse 3 (Strategy & Cayoz):

What hes telling you is real, nobody hotter than we.

We spit it tight, with fist strikes, & make you suffer with ease.

Cayoz be sonning guys.
Yeah we unimpressed with your rhymes.
These swaggers are so amusing
& we rawer than porno movies.

Son ill put your throat in a choke, for always boasting the most
& make you foes a laughing stock something like celebrity roast.

& scribe the deadliest quotes.
& Putting rappers in their caskets.

Cause survival just aint an option when your playing this game...mane.
Track Name: Full Spin (Cayoz Remix)


(Y'all tried to say I couldn't spit) So I let the madness begin (yup)
Kicked a verse & your attitudes made a full spin (Full spin)
I let you all know your boy get it in
Now your telling all your friends that we're something like kin
(Y'all tried to say I couldn't rhyme)
But now y'all recognize its my time
& if you dont feel my style homie then likewise (ok)
Think your on my level must be sniffin them white lines
& if you ain't then somebodys feeding you white lies

Verse 1:

Allow me to introduce myself my name starts with the 3rd letter
Cayoz its improbable that you heard better
I spit cyinide & fire rhymes like berettas
A threat to any & all im known as a word shredder
Always been known as a problem yes I love to tussle
A little more stocky now I guess im double trouble
Your crews the strongest ima make that foundation crumble
My squads the hottest & for that statement ain't no rebuttles
I glide smoothly over tracks no I never stumble
But when y'all grab the mic y'all always seem to fumble
A pit unleashed no I can't be muzzled
Hip-hops still alive im the missing piece to the puzzle
& real talk any rapper out there doubting that
Bet you I can find twenty emcees to vouch for that
Think that im below you put your money where your mouth is at Dig
Ill put a bitter taste in it like sour patch kids

Verse 2:

Ayo a lot of people jock me, others call me cocky
Skate through teams like hockey, im an idol like rocky
Don't hate its your fault you rhyme off key & sloppy
No matter how you switch your style, your not me, you got me
Can't break me, im solid really I ain't bendable
You hate me, its all good your style ain't commendable
I create my own styles mix em make em blendable
But nobody feels what you spit let's be sensible
& yes im battle rapping to a smooth beat
Courtesy of my dude man im just doing me
People look at me different cause im known to get deep
Y'all need to take a note from musical chairs & have a seat
While you feast your eyes on something your not
& don't think for a second that your bars is hot
Here's the difference I rip raps you just spit pop
On the real I kick facts you should just kick rocks

Bridge: (X2)

Its our obligation to give you what you need
I supply the verbals that ride on the beat
Known for all the clever phrases that I weave
& tapes is the chef that supplys all the heat.
Track Name: Someone Like You

Verse 1:

Hey you, you look like you can dominate the game.
Never rapping for the fame, but maybe just to make a name.
All the same, you treat me like im more than a tool.
More like im a jewel, I really love what you do.
I wanna know what you use as your muse.
Cause blood, sweat & tears go into every lyric you spew.
Its so true, I been looking for...

(Then she said) Im fascinated by the way that you rhyme.
& I dont know what it is, but you always seem to shine.
Never thought that I would find...

(Then I said) I respect you more than you'll ever know.
Known you all my life but barely started crushing 4 years ago.
Only show my soul to...


She said I need you to breathe live back into this art.
& bring it back to the days where it first had its start.
I think the one to play the part is...
So I said no doubt love ill gladly do the honor
Crank the heat up & show em how I do like a sauna
& thats only cause im fonde of...

Verse 2:

She said she got a problem only I can solve.
Cause most of yall stagnant, while I still continue to evolve.
Other rappers skills desolve, while im still dropping jaws.
Always giving it my all my, & constantly kicking it raw.
Never spittin it soft, unless of course its for the ladies.
But im still a beast blazing like the temperature in hades.
She said I been waiting ages for...

(Then I said) well ill try my best not to dissappoint at all.
Cause I took a vow to dismember any joint or song.
Believe I do it all for...

& thats the deal, everything ejected from my mouth is real.
Thats why the time stands still, when I rhyme what I feel.
Always hoped that id appeal to...
Track Name: Windows Of The World
Verse 1:

They say we ain't promised tomorrow, people living for today.
Cursing as they wake, wiping sleep from their face.
Just tryna make it through them pearly gates.
While trying make sure, their whole life ain't a waste.
Shorties running a muck, swearing & down they grown.
Better be careful on the streets, if that's where you tend to roam.
Might become another hood story captured in a poem.
Do to a piece of chrome, that came and hollowed out your dome.
Crack mothers selling babies for a hit.
Desperate for a way to ease their pain & come to grips.
Separated from reality through imaginary riffs
Till they wake up, living in their own excrements
Daily life becomes quite menacing.
While some dudes just tryna be better men.
Even High school jocks once letter-man.
But now there stuck using narcotics as medicine looking out the.

Hook: (X2)

The windows of the world are covered with rain.
Where is the sunshine, Where is the sunshine.

Verse 2:

Its pretty sad what im seeing on the tube lately.
Or even in my daily life man its pretty crazy.
Dudes out here reproducing like 20 babies.
Only leaving DNA and last names pretty shady.
The little baby to the father (Nothing but nuisance).
Blatantly absent from the child's life (No excuses).
Was never really there like an illusion.
But let the kid become famous watch him say (I always knew it).
Man y'all leaving kids without guidance to what the truth is.
They ain't useless but street life can make them ruthless.
& this is more than me adding my 2 cents.
Cause i seen it all before & how it produce stress man.
It pains me society is filled with these dummies.
Spend a fortune on rims but got your kids looking bummy?
Yo a lot of people out here acting all funny.
If you be your age then act it 30's not the new 20.

Verse 3:

To me it feels kinda like society is lacking unity.
Less concerned with politics & more concerned with jewelry.
Camaraderie is completely absent like truancy.
& logical reasoning's ineffective like immunity.
Cause in the hood life is pretty crude to peeps.
Got less people reading books & more reading eulogies.
We different shades yeah but that ain't nothing new to me.
We still share the same struggles of the next community.
We really ain't too different aside from our views.
Or aside from the lingo we all choose to use.
My black folks say the mans depriving our youth.
But yo there's also white kids in the projects too.
So we need to stop all the excuses & nonsense true.
Because its fact that progress is a process dude.
Somehow we gotta come together just to realize the truth.
That there's problems way bigger than the matter of hue.